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Simple, fast
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Welcome, we create interactive flipbooks

We help you to get a little life into your
PDF catalogs

Catalogs and brochures are an integral part of company promotional materials.

Just a few customers get this advertising in their hands. If you invest resources in creating paper catalogs, use them to the fullest and show them online in the best possible form - as a flipbook.

An interactive leafable online catalog, "flipbook", created from your PDF not only looks good, but also have interesting features.

What are we doing

No worries about creating a flipbook,
leave it to us

Creating of online flipbooks

We will create a new flipping catalog, brochure, book, ebook and other documents for your website.

The background for it can be PDF files, but also images in various standard formats.

Repair of non-functional flipbooks

Has your flipbook stopped appearing?

Flash technology is probably used for its creation, and flash is no more supported by browsers. The broken source files can be used to create a new catalog with HTML 5 technology that works on all devices.

Editing and placing on your web

The resulting document can be tailored to your requirements.

Wondering if you will have a problem placing the catalog on your website? The resulting publication can be placed on any website. If necessary, we will do it for you.

Do you need more?

Here are some features of the interactive online flipbook

Eye-catching design

The effect of flipping pages creates a more realistic impression than classic DPF.

Colors, backgrounds and other details can be customized and matched to your corporate identity or website design.

Rich selection of functions

Flip book provides intuitive controls, quick search in thumbnails, embedding videos and adding URL links, sound effects and other interesting options.

PC, mobile and tablet

The flipbook is displayed correctly on all devices.

Mobile users will also see your catalog the way you need it.

Compatibility - HTML 5

Browsers have stopped supporting applications that run on flash technology.

That's why we create flipping catalogs with HTML 5 technology, which is supported by all modern browsers.

How it looks in reality

Example of the created

flip book
flip book gastro
flip book from images

What our clients say

We asked clients about
our cooperation

No, we didn't threaten them to shut down their website

How we work

We do not promise miracles, but your satisfaction
is our priority


The usual time of our response is 1 to 2 working days.

Don't worry if we don't answer immediately, we're probably just overwhelmed with work.

Length of work

We can submit most of the work within a few days.

However, the time depends on the complexity of your requirement and the actual amount of work.

How to prepare

First and foremost - source PDFs or image files.

What else to think about - color design, background, functions, location, can I upload the flipbook by myself?

Send us your request

Fill in the prepared contact form, carefully mark your requirements, make the documents needed to create the flipbook available.

We will take care of the rest. Contact us

we flip it

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